Wild water fun with our wild river

Karlsruhe Wildbach in Action

Buffered by water, your guests glide, swim, paddle and slide down our wild river – through narrow sections that then continue, over rapids, through one or more intermediate pools that can be equipped with additional attractions.



A few meters of height difference between start and finish are enough for us to realize more than 100m-long splashing pleasure.

Depending on the installed pump capacity, your guests can enjoy a quiet or a thundering wild river.

The space required can be tailored to your project. In an indoor swimming pool in Korea, for example, we designed a wild river parallel to a wave pool on an area merely 5.0 to 8.0 m wide and 25 m long. If you decide to run the wild river outside the hall, generous meanders can be created, which can also be integrated into a suitably designed rock landscape

The wild river is available in different versions:

  • „Family“
  • „Canyon“
  • in combination with API WAVE