Lighting Concepts by API WATER FUN

The lighting in modern swimming pools is not only a safety aspect, but also an attraction for your guests. Therefore API WATER FUN offers different variants for the illumination of water – giving your pool or spa a unique lighting design.

Lichtkonzepte - SPRAYPARK Lichtkonzepte -Kleinkinderbecken
Entrance hall illuminated with LED FUN JETs (004 287).
Toddlers' Pool
LED FUN JETs (004 287) illuminating a toddlers' pool with a water depth of 0.10-0.20m
Lichtkonzepte - Wellenbecken -Strand  Lichtkonzepte - Wellenbecken - Kammern
Wave Pool – Beach
LED FUN JETs (004 287) setting nice colour accents at the beach area of a wave pool.
Wave Pool – Wave Chambers
LED WATER JETs (014 240) transform wave chambers into luminous spaces in time with the waves and simultaneously serve as a clean water inlet.


  • Installed floor or wall flush
  • Multiple functions: Pool illumination and fresh water inlet of the water treatment in one component
  • High-power LED chip with high light output
  • Maximum energy savings by very high energy efficiency
  • Color selection and brightness can be set directly from the control panel
  • Touchscreen with bus connection to each LED headlight
  • Pre-programmed programs for automatic playing of light effects via the APICONTROL

Technical Advantages

The LED FUN JET and LED WATER JET built-in a PVC fitting has a solid stainless steel case. The LEDs are connected to the housing, so that the waste heat is emitted directly to the water flowing in from the attraction nozzle.

Like each of our products each LED FUN JET and LED WATER JET is individually checked at the factory before delivery with the temperature and the operating hours being recorded. The monitoring of the temperature is used as a dry-run protection. This ensures that each headlight autonomously moves in a condition for safe operation.