What is a SPRAYPARK?

A SPRAY PARK is an area of zero-depth water where children of various age groups can play. A SPRAY PARK consists of water spray units which are either programmed and/or controlled by children. Children can use their muscles to actively control water direction and volume on the TURN & SPRAY and PUMP & SPRAY units.

TURN & SPRAY Handrad  PUMP & SPRAY Handrad
 Example fo TURN & SPRAY hand wheel:

  • Rotatable clockwise or anticlockwise
  • Opens and closes the water supply
 Example of  PUMP & SPRAY hand wheel:

  • Rotatable clockwise or anticlockwise with no stop
  • pumps water by rotating the wheel fast

water choreography,  which is highly suitable for FLOORSPRAY units, is controlled by  APICONTROL .

Separate play areas for infants and older children take the play habits of different ages into consideration.

In the infant section (1 to 4 years old), young water babies can have fun with PLAY & SPRAY units which are designed to suit their size and skills. Small floor sprays and predictable water effects are provided in a safe environment.

The family area for children over five years old encourages every child to join in. The various PLAY & SPRAY units with their different functions produce a perfect mix of active fountains and fun. This non-stop action area offers water effects full of surprises and dynamic action.